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Things you need to know…

What can I expect on my first visit?

You will be greeted by the office manager that will complete your initial paperwork (completing forms prior to your visit will shorten this process) and go over consent forms with you. This process takes 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete.


Next you will meet with an intake specialist who will complete an assessment with you to determine the most appropriate course of treatment. You can expect the assessment portion of the visit to last one hour.


After the assessment, the intake specialist will provide essential information about your time with us at Positive Choices: rights and responsibilities, fees and insurance policies and emergency contact procedures. This last portion of your first visit will only take fifteen to twenty minutes.

Can your facility accomodate my disability?

We want you to feel safe and comfortable during your visit; you will be given every opportunity to ask questions or take a break if you feel overwhelmed. If there are special accommodations needed prior to your visit, please don’t hesitate to call and communicate that to the office manager. We make every effort to treat each person with respect and dignity.

Why counseling?

The beautiful thing about counseling is that it is a highly personal experience that is guided by you! People seek counseling for a variety of reasons: help responding to unexpected changes, help managing a life or work crisis or guidance in navigating a particularly tough challenge. Counseling provides objective, confidential listening and guidance in a comfortable setting at a pace guided by you.


Contact one of our Mental Health professionals to get started on your journey today!

Do you accept insurance?

Positive Choices Counseling Services has been certified to accept all Healthy Louisiana(formerly Bayou Health or Louisiana Medicaid and LaCHIP) plans. Please see the list included below if you need to confirm your coverage in advance.


  1. Aetna Better Health 1-855-242-0802
  2. Amerigroup RealSolutions 1-800-600-4441
  3. AmeriHealth Caritas 1-888-756-0004
  4. Louisiana Healthcare Connections 1-866-595-8133
  5. United Healthcare 1-866-675-1607
What if I don't have insurance?

We offer Cash, Checks, and Credit/Debit Cards as acceptable payment options.

Where did you get the idea to start Positive Choices here?

Positive Choices was founded in 1999 when Edward and Carolyn Brown saw a need for targeted, behavioral health interventions in children and adolescents in Concordia parish and surrounding areas.


By offering consistent, evidence-based treatment backed by genuine interest in the welfare and outcomes of clients, Positive Choices became the counseling agency of choice in Concordia parish and surrounding areas. Positive choices expanded to serve the adult population and continues to grow!

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