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Life is full of choices.

We help individuals make Positive Choices!

Positive Choices Counseling Services is committed to providing quality mental health services to all and maintaining a positive relationship within our community.

Make an Appointment

Call: 1-318-336-4700


    Why Counseling?

    The beautiful thing about counseling is that it is a highly personal experience that is guided by you! People seek counseling for a variety of reasons:help responding to unexpected changes, help managing a life or work crisis or guidance in navigating a particularly tough challenge. Counseling provides objective, confidential listening and guidance in a comfortable setting at a pace guided by you. Contact one of our Mental Health professionals to get started on your journey today!

    Qualified Professionals

    With over 40 years of combined experience, our staff is well prepared to help you and your family.

    24/7 Availability

    Mental Health crisis do not wait until 9 or call it a night at 5. We pride ourselves on being there when you need us most.


    We hold our team to a very high standard and we have the certifications to prove it.

    Competitive Pricing

    We accept Louisiana Medicaid, private payors, and all major credit cards. We are happy to discuss any private insurance options available.

    Individual and Group Counseling

    Whether your needs are to see a counselor one on one or if your needs extend beyond an individual, we can accomodate you.

    Caring Staff

    As professionals we take pride in our work within this clinic, and for 17 years we've taken pride as members of the Miss-Lou community.

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